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Women's perfume today is the undisputed leader in the accessories market. Since ancient times, beautiful ladies have known how important the right fragrance is for creating an image - whether it be a young romantic lady or a strict lady with a perfectly tidy hairdo. Modern brands, from budget to fashion houses, rely on women's fragrances, offering tens or even hundreds of thousands of items.

In the catalog of the online store you can find and buy popular perfumes for women from the world's leading manufacturers at attractive prices.

Assortment of women's perfumes
Almost all fragrances for women are grouped into so-called families according to the notes that dominate the composition of the bouquet. The most sought after are:

  • Floral - with a predominance of roses, jasmine, lavender, violet, peony, etc.
  • Fruity - emphasis on citruses, apple, peach, plum, berries, etc.
  • Woody - well-read sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, etc.
  • Oriental - cardamom, cinnamon, pink pepper, musk, almonds predominate.
  • Greens - mint, olive tree, blackcurrant, tarragon, wormwood.


Separately, there are several categories that still cause heated discussions. The first of them is a chypre women's perfume. Despite conditional rarity, today any self-respecting brand has at least one chypre for women in its current line of perfumes. Oak moss or labdanum is obligatory in its compositions, as well as bergamot, which gives citrus freshness along with a dense, slightly earthy aftertaste without any complex compositions.

Another popular family is fougere perfume for women. It is always based on a coumarin note, softened with lavender, bourbon vanilla, sage, patchouli or tonka bean with top bergamot. That is why the fougere belongs to a special group of fragrances that combine contrasting and very pronounced steps.

At the same time, modern women's perfumery is rarely limited to one family within a series. Of course, you will find a selective perfume, where the composition is built around a single note, but it is the variety and multi-layered aromas that the best series for beautiful ladies have always been famous for, regardless of age and position in society.

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