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Special hygiene products will help get rid of the unpleasant smell of wool. You can buy high-quality perfumes for dogs in the online pet store The unique formula takes into account the peculiarities of the sense of smell of pets. Orders for hygiene products are accepted without registration on the site around the clock!

How are perfumes for dogs different from regular perfumes?
Deodorants, scented sprays, and human eau de toilette contain harmful chemicals and alcohol. Dogs regularly lick themselves, and therefore, they are sure to ingest such substances, which can cause poisoning. That is why conventional perfume products are not recommended to be applied to pet hair.

The solution will be special products for pets. Perfumes are based on esters, safe fragrances and vitamins. Substances do not cause allergies and poisoning. Another important point is that such products do not interfere with the recognition of surrounding odors and do not worsen the sharpness of smell.

You can buy perfumes for dogs both for home use and visiting public places, exhibitions and other events. They will give a pleasant light aroma and will not stain the pet's coat.


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