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Hair masks can effectively restore even the most lifeless strands, restore their natural beauty, silkiness and shine.

To quickly bring hair back to life, you should choose the right care complex that contains the mask.
With excessive fat content, the use of drying hair masks containing clay, extracts of lemon balm, sage leaves, rosemary, burdock, egg yolk, lemon oil and silk proteins is justified.

A hair mask containing keratin, bee products, argan, coconut, jojoba, macadamia, avocado, apricot, mango, sea buckthorn, amla, flax seeds, mint, rosemary oils perfectly copes with the problem of damaged strands.

Dry curls come to life under the action of a hair mask containing olive, burdock and sea buckthorn oils, lactic acids, extracts of burdock, chamomile, nettle and keratin.

The mask is selected based on the type of hair, the condition of the scalp and the problem to be solved.

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