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The delicate skin around the eyes also needs intensive care. Eye serum, eye cream, gel or roller - what to choose?

Eye Serum is a highly concentrated product containing active ingredients. Serum smoothes fine and deep wrinkles, has a lifting effect, has a regenerating effect and tones the skin around the eyes.

Serum can be applied not only to the area around the eyes, but also to the area between the eyebrows, nasolabial folds.
Serum should be applied with light patting movements.

The eye cream is a highly effective product to combat all the problems of the infraorbital zone: dryness, fine lines, swelling and dark circles.
The texture of creams can be different - dense or gel, viscous or very light, but all creams have one thing in common: a working composition and fast absorption.

If you want to achieve a tonic and draining effect, we recommend trying the cream roller. The cream is applied and distributed using a roller, thereby performing several functions at the same time:
cares for the delicate skin of the infraorbital zone,
reduces and prevents age-related changes,
eliminates puffiness and dark circles by stimulating the blood-lymphatic flow.

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