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Suitable for cosmetics
The product differs from loose powder primarily in particle size - here the fractions are larger. Also, as part of a compact face powder, there are more oil components, so it forms a denser and more even coverage, by analogy with foundation. With the help of powder, you can quickly correct makeup by applying a new one on top of the “floated” layer.

The tool is applied to the foundation or primer, depending on what effect you want to achieve. If there are no plentiful rashes and other imperfections on the face that need to be masked, a foundation and powder are enough.

Due to the high content of oil and moisturizing ingredients compact powder is ideal for owners of dry skin.

Classic (monotone) powders. Everything is simple here: the powder creates a durable coating of a certain tone.
Multicolor (mosaic) powders. Combine several tones (light and dark). In the process of applying the powder, they are mixed. By combining them in different proportions, you can create a coating of different tones.
Which powder to choose is only a matter of taste. Someone likes to experiment with tones and chooses multi-color powders, someone has already decided on their favorite shade and prefers classic options.

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