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Blush for the face is an indispensable component of professional makeup. They are used by all makeup artists, playing with different shades and highlighting different areas of the face. As a result, the make-up is complete and truly spectacular.

Today, the leading cosmetic manufacturers, whose products are presented in our store, offer not only dry (crumb, compact, roll-on, baked blush), but also liquid and creamy products. It is worth noting that liquid blush is divided into water-based and gel-based products. There is also an oil form of blush.

Thanks to the variety of forms of execution, you can choose for yourself any product that is convenient for application and suitable for your skin.
Dry blush is the most sought-after type, because they are easy and even to apply, give the skin a velvety touch. The use of such products is recommended for owners of oily and oily skin, as dry blush gives the face a haze.

Liquid blush is suitable for all skin types. They are very persistent when compared with other forms of the remedy. As a rule, they are used in combination with fluid or foundation, but never with powder and other dry coatings.

Cream blush not only gives the face a certain shade, but also nourishes the skin, as they contain oils. This is an indispensable cosmetic product for women with dry skin.

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