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Modern sunscreens are distinguished not only by innovative formulas, but also by quick application. One of the beauty innovations of the last decades, the tanning spray, can boast of this feature.

The most obvious advantage of a sunscreen spray is its ease of application. It is indispensable if the entire body is required to be protected from solar radiation. It is convenient to spray in hard-to-reach areas, for example, on the back, as it is applied from any position. Among the fans of this sun spray are those who do not like to rub sunscreen on the skin. When applied, hands do not get dirty. Just a few clicks of the dispenser - and you are effectively protected from ultraviolet radiation. The only exception is the face, for whom direct spraying is not recommended.

Comfort of use is not the only advantage of a tanning spray. Here are a few more advantages in favor of a spray can over other types of sun protection.

  • Thanks to hermetic packaging, the beneficial properties of the ingredients are preserved longer.
  • The composition does not come into contact with air, which minimizes the content of stabilizers. This makes sun spray a safer product.
  • The tool quickly and evenly distributes over large areas of the skin, which saves time.
  • Sunscreen spray has a cooling effect. It is especially comfortable in summer, in conditions of heat and increased sweating.
  • Light, non-greasy texture is pleasant to the skin, does not leave a sticky film.
  • Spray against the sun reliably protects and at the same time cares for the skin.

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