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A curling iron is the common name for many hair curling tools. Their diversity can turn your head! Let's talk about types.

• Conical curling iron gives the effect of realistic curls - larger at the roots and narrowed down.

• Curling iron "wave", the design of which resembles a "double-barrel", is designed to create zigzag curls.

• Corrugated tongs - the choice of those who do not like neither curls nor smooth hair, but prefer "folds", which, by the way, are back in fashion.

• Spiral curling iron, equipped with grooves, allows you to get curls designed in the form of a spiral.

The size of the curls determines the diameter of the forceps. Large and expressive curls are obtained with a curling iron if you use large-diameter tongs. To create playful miniature curls, choose a thin curling iron. But what is the main condition for a quality result?

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