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Hair dyes make it easy to change looks and paint over gray hair. Modern industry offers a large selection of dyes of various colors and shades. At the same time, they are distinguished by durability, the ability to change the shade of the hair.

The most persistent and common hair dyes contain ammonia. This is permanent paint. It penetrates deep into the hair cuticle, stains gray hair well. It remains on the strands until they grow back, almost does not lose brightness when washing the hair. Requires only tinting regrown horses.

Hair dyes contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, they act quite aggressively on the structure of the hair cuticle, destroying the natural pigment.

Softer semi-permanent dyes cannot radically change the color of the hair, but only enhance it. At the same time, they are less aggressive, less damaging to the hair structure. But they paint over gray hair badly.

Lovers of organic cosmetics prefer the use of natural hair dyes - henna and basma. They take good care of their hair. However, they can be used to obtain a limited range of shades.

Recently, light tinting products have been popular in the online store. They allow you to color the surface of the hair without affecting its structure. Therefore, they are absolutely safe. But they wash off quickly.

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