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     Honey massage has a multi-faceted healing effect due to the massage techniques honey quickly becomes absorbed by the skin and all its bioactive components easily enter the bloodstream and are included in the metabolism. A modern understanding of honey massage is still a method of healing the body and treating certain diseases, as well as a great cosmetic procedure.

Champissage is an Indian term for head massage. This form of massage heals and improves health. It includes the massage of shoulders, upper arms, neck, ears, head and face.


Correcting anti-cellulite massage provides an excellent opportunity to relax and to improve the metabolic processes of the body at the same time.

 The technique of a professional massagist aimed at correcting the body, its energy and warmth have a positive impact not only on the body, but also on the emotional state of a person.

 Chocolate body wrap is one of the most popular procedures in our country. In the course of this pleasant procedure a special chocolate-based substance is prepared and applied on the body. It is so popular because it will not take long to see the results, the impact is complex and not merely anti-cellulitic, and the entire procedure is pleasant. Chocolate will brighten your mood and restore a smile on your face and a glimmer in your eye.


In our salon there will be pleasant music playing as well as candles and an aroma-lamp during the wrapping,

Chocolate body wrap consists of several stages:

  • Problem areas getting exfoliated
  • Applying warm chocolate on the body via massage motions.

Further, the wrapping process.

Classic massage - this is the most popular form of massage in today's West. This method was developed back in the 1800s by a Swedish therapist Per Henrik Ling. Massage in Riga.  This basic form of massage is used for prophylaxis and treatment of various illnesses, both physical and mental. It strengthens the locomotor system and normalizes the functioning of the interior organs. One session of general massage is applied to all parts of body and also locally - on the region of the back, neck and head.


Aroma massage is a combination of massage with a pleasant odor of ethereal oils which can make a common man feel like a nobility on the throne!