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Everyone knows what a good manicure means! It is a very important part of an appearance of every girl or a woman. Would you not agree that the look of her hands is highly important for every woman?  

    That is why many of us spend hours in beauty studios, trying to make our nails look flawless.
   Every woman knows how much money and time is spent on taking care of them. Needless to say, you want manicure to last as long as possible, regardless of your lifestyle, whether you do sports or run a household.  
    Not long ago sensation of the long-lasting manicure spread over many beauty studios, but it used to be very costly, but now every woman has an opportunity to get a shining, flawlessly smooth coating on her nails for an affordable price.

Gel nail polish "Gelish", or some other brand of your choice which will be offered in our Salon Villa of Beauty can be applied quickly and effortlessly, just like the regular nail polish. It takes 2 minutes under a UV for each layer to dry. The coating does not run or smudge. Manicure, made with gel nail polish will stay flawlessly smooth and colorful for 2-3 weeks.

   This is a perfect choice for those with thin and frail fingernails. The unique composition of gel nail polish strengthens and protects your nails.

  We have not forgotten about you, dear MEN who like to take good care of your hands! Come and visit out studio "Villa of Beauty" and out highly experienced experts will make your nails flawless.

Please, book a visit by calling +(371)22304040 and do not forget to present the voucher to the studio administrators..
If you wish to reschedule the visit, be sure to notify us 24 hours in advance
Classic manicure process: Working on the cuticle. Cleansing the nail plate from the fat layer. Shaping the nail with a nail file. Covering the nail in layers of gel polish and letting it dry under a UV lamp. Upon completion, we cover each nail in vitamin oil. The final stage, applying creme via massage.


Classic manicure with gel-nail -15 €
"French" technics - 4 €
Remove, combining with the procedure - 3 €
Remove "Gelish" - 6 €
Male manicure -20 €