Chokolate body wrap

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 Chocolate body wrap is one of the most popular procedures in our country. In the course of this pleasant procedure a special chocolate-based substance is prepared and applied on the body. It is so popular because it will not take long to see the results, the impact is complex and not merely anti-cellulitic, and the entire procedure is pleasant. Chocolate will brighten your mood and restore a smile on your face and a glimmer in your eye.


In our salon there will be pleasant music playing as well as candles and an aroma-lamp during the wrapping,

Chocolate body wrap consists of several stages:

  • Problem areas getting exfoliated
  • Applying warm chocolate on the body via massage motions.

Further, the wrapping process.


You will be covered by a worm bedsheets which will facilitate the deeper absorption of the active ingredients by the skin cells. Without any distractions you lie all by yourself for 15-20 minutes enjoying some pleasant music.

After 25-30 minutes it will be time to wash away the chocolate under a warm shower. If you so wish, a tea-drinking ritual.


There are multiple indications for the chocolate body wrap. The absorption of active ingredients, cocoa beans have positive impact on the functioning of multiple internal systems and organs of your body.

Naturally, chocolate body wrap is suited for anyone wishing to make their skin smooth and beautiful! Chocolate body wrap is especially beneficial for those suffering from problems with the vascular system, those with excess weight and also in cases of emotional problems and those needing to improve their figure.

Indications are:

  •  cellulite;
  • pigmentation spots various origins-
  • acne;
  • metabolism dysfunctions;
  • state of stress or tension;
  • post pregnancy excess weight; -
  • unhealthy skin - withered or too dry.

In these cases chocolate body wrap will help you get rid of those health issues, almost becoming therapy.

It is also prescribed to those, who are going to take a vacation in the countries with a warm climate, where the skin will will be aggressively irradiated by ultraviolet for the long periods of time. For the suntan to be beneficial and not harmful it is recommended to perform chocolate body wrap once every week for two-three months before the vacation, so that the skin would become maximally moisturized and developed a protective barrier against ultraviolet. The effect of chocolate body wrap is undeniable, but only in those cases when the contraindications are strictly observed.


Chocolate body wrap has an instantaneous effect, therefore it can impact an organism too aggressively. In cases of some illnesses it can harm ones health. By working together, doctors and cosmetologists determined a number of contraindications for this procedure. Those include:

  • chocolate allergy;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • pregnancy;
  • varicose swelling of veins;
  • period of menstruation;
  • chronic hypertension;
  • any cardiac and vascular diseases;
  • endocrine system dysfunctions;
  • injury or disease of the skin;
  • tumors of various origins;
  • infectious diseases;
  • gynecological abnormalities.

Health is no laughing matter, so these contraindications should be taken seriously. You should avoid chocolate body wrap if any of those happen to be the case. If your contraindication is of passing nature (pregnancy, menstruation, viral infection) patiently wait for the condition to end and only then enjoy the pleasant and beneficial procedure.


Every ingredient in this miraculous concoction serves its own function, when applied on the skin. Therefore chocolate body wrap is also effective:

  • cocoa-beans dilate blood vessels and improve blood circulation;
  • cocoa-oil moisturizes the skin, synthesizing elastase and collagene in the skin sells, having a rejuvenating effect;
  • anti-oxidants facilitate the rejuvenation process, protecting skin sells from damage and rapid aging;
  • caffeine normalizes the metabolic processes, and it is caffeine which promotes the breakdown of the fat cells, resulting in weight loss and a gradual disappearance of cellulite.
  • vitamin composition (retinol, niacin, B group) of chocolate nourishes the skin. Such a complex effect on the skin, on the body as a whole as well as on the nervous system makes chocolate body wrap a favorite and irreplaceable procedure of many women as well as men.

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Chocolate body massage - 45 EUR

Chocolate massage + peeling + wrap - 50 EUR

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