Invest in yourself, boost your confidence and look your best 24 hour a day ! "Villa of Beauty" - Keeper of Your beauty !

   After a day of work relax and rejuvenate in the cozy atmosphere of a "Villa of Beauty" salon-studio.
   You will also not have to stress out and be forced to keep track of the time payed for the parking of your favorite auto. After the relaxing session you will not find a nasty surprise in the form of a parking ticket on your windshield. There is a parking lot near our studio where you will be able to park your car - for FREE.
Our Salon-studio offers you complex care for your body, face and nails. 
Experienced professionals a cosmetologist and a SPA-esthetician will consult you and chose an individual invigorating and relaxing program - for FREE.

Our services include:

Procedures person;
Application of the cream for your skin type;
Hair removal of all areas of the body (Waxing);
permanent make-up;


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